The Ultimate Guide to Gaining Size without Losing Athletic Explosiveness

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  • Get Jacked

    Sorry, but you’re not a ‘hardgainer’.  Force your body into growth by implementing mechanical tension, metabolic stress, volume, and rep range manipulation.

  • Get Strong

    ‘Functional’ training and tricep kickbacks are keeping you weak.  Stop messing around with useless methods, master the movements and intensities that build sports-specific strength.

  • Get Explosive

    ‘Just sprint and jump to get more explosive’ – this is why you’re still slow.  Build your engine first.  Soon you’ll be dunking, beating opponents out of cuts and sprints, and feeling like a beast.

Chris T.

I ended the basketball season at around 175 lbs. and am now back up to 190 lbs. while feeling the same in terms of explosiveness on the court.  Strength wise, at the end of the season I was benching 70kg for reps and am now benching 80kg for reps.  I’m also back to squatting 140kg for reps after struggling to squat 120kg for reps during the season.

Chris T. Division III Basketball Player
Arne N. Arne N.

Before I started the program, my max 1-rep squat was 315 lbs., I wasn’t able to do 2 reps, now I do 3 reps easily.  My deadlift was 315 for 1 rep and now I do 405 lbs. for 6 reps.  I definitely increased in endurance, power, and I am leaner

Peter A. Peter A., Former Collegiate Baseball Player

In 5 weeks, my back squat has increased 60 lbs., deadlift up 65 lbs., and bench press up 40 lbs. since starting the Hypertrophy Cluster Protocol

Brady S.

A couple months ago I reached out to Jake because I was having trouble finding the right workout for myself.  I didn’t know what to do, I loved to be in the weight room but nothing was transferring over to the ball field for me.  Whenever I did think the workout was good, I would end up with injuries after.  This semester Jake showed me cluster training and I have seen pretty great results with my strength and power.  Three cluster lifts that have been really beneficial for me are the squats, dumbbell bench, and incline dumbbell bench.  I have seen more mass on myself, and I have been throwing the baseball a couple mph faster this year.  Most importantly, I have been injury free while doing a cluster workout every day for the week.

Brady S. Division III Baseball Player
Jerry S., Strength and Conditioning Coach

My bench has increased. But also my hang clean and strict military press have gone up significantly

Zach C. Zach C., Hockey Player

My strength and power have improved significantly.  My shot in hockey has improved in speed, quick release and over all responsiveness in puck control.  Lateral movement has increased in speed, and overall stability and core strength have improved.  I’ve loved it so far, I’m doing round two as of next week.

I’ve always been a hard gainer.  I’ve never weighed more than 153lbs even though I’m a hockey player.  I’ve tried so many times to gain weight, in and out of the gym.  I’ve only been on your program for 2.5 weeks and I’m already up to 155lbs.  Also I was SUPER weak maxing out my front squat at 135lbs, but now I’m front squatting 225.  I’m playing club hockey next season and wanted to get bigger, and in better shape.  After all my failure at gaining weight I’m trying one more time, and I’m already seeing results, and it’s only been 2.5 weeks.

Matt M.
Hockey Player
Al P. Al P., Former Collegiate Basketball Player

My squat max went up a bit and my deadlift did too

Christian H. Christian H., Former Collegiate Baseball Player

I'm able to dunk again so whatever we're doing is definitely working

Table of Contents

Gain Size, Gain Power: The Concepts
The Three Essentials: Tension, Stress, and Volume
Clusters: Optimized Hypertrophy Training for Athletes
Get Big, Get Fast: Simple, Effective Guidelines
Next Up: Get Strong

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